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APLGO REVIEW - APLGO Products & The APLGO Opportunity

Ask yourself: If nutrition tasted like candy, would you and more people be healthier?  The answer is YES!  

APLGO has produced a nutrition that absolutely tastes like candy and is providing hundreds of thousands with nutrition that melts in your mouth and goes directly to your blood stream. 

APLGO Review page is provide by an APLGO Associate. APLGO Review is not operated or owned by APLGO nor is it managed by APLGO. The APLGO Reviews and opinions are based off of the APLGO Associate and the reviews by APLGO customers.

APLGO Review:

Women's Health, Hormonal Balance, Mood Balance, All Natural Libido Support


PWR Apricot is a rejuvenating combination of botanicals helps maintain and revive a woman's already normal overall nutritional health.

PWR Apricot can help maintain already normal:

- vitality levels for an active women’s lifestyle*

- physical wellbeing during normal aging*

- mood balance during occasional stress*

- diet and physical activity*

APLGO Review: 

Men's Health, Male Vitality, Mood Balance, All Natural Libido Support


PWR Lemon is an invigorating blend of potent whole food botanicals helps to support a man’s already active lifestyle.

PWR Lemon supports the body’s ability to maintain already normal:

- energy and vitality levels for an active male lifestyle*

- mood balance during occasional stress*

- prostate response health*

- urinary system response heath*

APLGO Review: 

All Natural Pain Relief


STP is a soothing blend of whole food botanicals that supports the body’s natural responses to occasional physical discomforts and the repair process.

STP has phytonutrients that can help the body:

- calm occasional physical discomfort due to exercise overexertion*

- soothe nervous tension, mild aches and pain*

- maintain normal recovery from physical stress*

- maintain circulation supporting a youthful appearance*

APLGO Review: 

All Natural Immune Boost - 2020 Award winner Best Natural Immune product


GRW is a potent blend of nutrients to help maintain the body’s natural alert and active immune responses & body vitality. 

GRW supports the body’s ability to maintain an already normal:

- immune system response*

- hair vitality, nail strength and normal vision health*

- metabolic balance with a good diet and exercise*

- revitalized mood and feeling of overall wellbeing*

APLGO Review: 

Skin elasticity, Hair, Skin and Nails

APLGO BTY (Beauty)

BTY provides nourishing phytonutrients and other nutrient factors that can support healthful radiance, maintain healthy aging, and reveal one’s intrinsic attractiveness.

BTY ingredient blend can help support:

- already normal skin, scalp health and hair vitality*

- immune response and cellular renewal*

- body defenses against free radical damage*

- skin texture, brightness and maintain elasticity*

- skin around the eyes*

APLGO Review: 

Seasonal Breathing Relief, Improve Immune Response

APLGO ALT (Alternate)

ALT helps support already normal breathing and helps the body’s natural defenses against environmental irritants and airborne particles that can impair regular breathing.

ALT helps support the body’s already normal:

- ability to defend against environmental factors*

- breathing patterns during everyday life*

- immune response and microvascular system*

- vitality and maintaining a feeling of overall well being*

APLGO Review: 

Improve Relaxation, Stress Relief, All Natural Anxiety Relief


RLX is infused with a formula to support your body’s ability to achieve relaxation and mental calmness.

RLX is offering natural support for already normal:

- relaxation & healthy sleep patterns*

- response to everyday stress*

- mental calmness & relaxation*

- emotional well being*

APLGO Review: 

All Natural Heartburn Relief, Upset Stomach Relief


ICE contains botanicals recognized for helping support the natural ability to regulate normal digestion regularity, and mobilize its healthy immune defenses.

ICE is a strategic formulation of beneficial wholefoods that can maintain support for:

- already normal digestive regularity*

- soothing of occasional stomach discomfort*

- a healthy intestinal flora*

- already normal gastroesophageal response*

- normal bowel movements*

APLGO Review: 

All Natural Joint Support, All Natural Inflammation support


SLD supports comfort in the body and ease of movement. Let your body thrive with SLD and support the successful recovery from physical overexertion and daily activity.

SLD is a celebration of whole foods to help maintain already normal:

- calming of everyday physical discomfort due to overexertion*

- body ease of movement & flexibility*

- healthy inflammation response associated with physical overexertion* 

- bone health*

APLGO Review: 

All Natural Energy Product

APLGO GTS (Get Strength)

Start supporting the body’s natural energy, vitality and endurance. GTS provides body benefits by activating your body’s own natural vitality and strength.

GTS helps maintain the body’s already normal:

- energy, vitality and endurance*

- physical & mental stamina*

- balanced metabolism*

- natural cellular energy*

- positive mood*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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